Web Quickies: Virgin America, You Really Shouldn’t Have. Seriously.

So Virgin America posted this new, cringe-inducing ad today to attract new customers (yep, that’s a gold airplane in her hair, along with the rest of her, um, ‘bling’, not to mention her curious, carry-on ‘plants’). There’s no need for commentary. Any rational person can fill in the blanks.


I Aint Sayin’ She’s a Gold-Digger… Brief Note Re Evan Ross and Ashley Simpson

I usually don’t post much on the celebrity track here but this ditty caught my eye today. Looks like Ashley Simpson has finally landed herself a VERY handsome and quite wealthy young man, Ms. Diana Ross’ son, Evan who’s willing to seal the deal. The talented young Evan is quite easy on the eyes and better still, remarkably unassuming for a gentleman worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $20m (No, he’s not an athlete or a rapper for those who will note his bi-racial/African-American features). He is Ms. Ross’ son from her marriage to his father, the late Norwegian businessman Arne Næss, Jr. Indeed, that’s what makes much of the media’s predictable though uninformed coverage of this romance somewhat interesting. To put it nicely, she’s the nouveau riche pop singer and he’s the one with substantially more to lose. Still, you have to give her her props. Ashley’s a [somewhat] working woman so kudo’s to her for having a net income of a not-too-shabby fraction [of his] at $8m or so. But, something tells me that her doting, soon-to-be mother-in-law probably has a team of attorneys who have ironed out a pretty nice little pre-nup that’s tucked away some place next to the fine china just in case this marriage ends up like Ashley’s first. Love is love…and your money is your money…no need to confuse the two! Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best for these lovebirds!

Ashlee Simpson Runs Errands With Fiance Evan Ross While Wearing Tevas In Los Angeles

Salute To The Jackie Robinson West Little League, This Year’s Little League World Series Champs!

Over 10,000 people turned out in Chicago today to praise their hometown heroes and World Series Little League champs, the Jackie Robinson West Little League team. The first all African-American team to win the title, these children have made history at a time in our country when we desperately needed to see something positive, something hopeful draw people together across racial lines while we wrestle with deeply troubling, divisive issues in our society as well. If only it were this easy… but at least today, there was a truce in Chicago. A couple of tweets said it best:

@ChicagoTribune: The scene today in Millennium Park, via . If only Bears and Cubs fans could be so lucky…

Only God could use Black boys with bats to raise the hopes of a city….I know God is Good! Can I get a twitter witness?


Vi Chicago Tribune

Musing ‘Round Midnight Music: ‘I’ve Got To Use My Imagination’ ~ Gladys Knight and the Pips

Web Funnies: It’s Monday – Tread Lightly!


Modern Love in the Age of 2.0: Level 42’s ‘It’s Over’

Ahhh, Modern Love in the Age of 2.0:

‘I won’t be here when you come home;

Sorry if you don’t understand – forgive me if you can.

But, I can see another road and I aint comin’ back.’

But look on the bright side:

‘I would never leave if I thought you couldn’t stand the pain.’ – Level 42

Gotta love the 80’s ;)

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