Lil’ More Jesus: When Church Signs Go A Little Too Far

churchsignsSpelling and grammatical errors aside, I’m not sure if church attendance increased as a result of anyone seeing this or either of the others in this all-star lineup of ‘church signs that make you go HMMM’, but I have no doubt that some of the [surely] unintended messages within them definitely made a few potential parishioners pause and blush for a moment.  From the suggestive tone of some of these heavenly posts,  one would expect the Rev. Dr. Leon Lonnie Love to be at the helm of these flocks.  After you check out the full list (41), you’re definitely going to need a Hail Mary, a few hallelujahs and a dose of Erica Campbell for good measure! :)

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Cincinnati Bengals, You’ve Got a New Fan: Thanks for Being a Blessing to the Still Family!

There’s so much ugliness and turmoil in today’s world that we’re completely taken aback when we see something as genuinely beautiful as this one out of Cincinnati. Out of grace, the team re-signed their defensive tackle Devon Still primarily to provide him with the financial ability to take care of his daughter’s cancer treatments. We all know that benevolence isn’t in the NFL’s standard contract so the team could have very well cut Still and let things go at that to protect their bottom line. But they didn’t – they chose grace and humanity. I don’t know what kind of season they will have on the field but the Bengals have already blown everyone else onto the sidelines with this incredible blessing. Read the full story. Go Leah!


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‘What’s Wrong With You?!’ Wednesday: Malaysia Airlines’ Ill-Fated ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ Marketing Campaign

No, Malaysia Airlines. By definition, anything involving getting on one of your airplanes is probably not on anyone’s ultimate bucket list these days. You may also want to consider dismantling the marketing department after this one. @RJStanley