Love Notes on Valentine’s Day: When “I Love You” Means I Will Always Love You.

If you are currently in love, Valentine’s Day is one of love and rockets. But what if you’re not with a special someone today? You can still celebrate love!

Awhile back, I received one of the most heart-felt letters from one of my exes that I’ve ever seen. He and I remain good friends but the letter was unexpected. In it, he shared why he felt the way he felt for me when we were a couple and why I will always hold a special place in his heart. The details of the letter aren’t important; the love is what matters.

Over time, love changes. Sometimes it matures and intensifies between people, and sometimes we move in different directions. But, true love is something that comes from the rarest of places deep within our soul. It’s not something that can be faked, nor can anyone put a patent on it. If you are ever fortunate enough to experience the real thing, you will always have a nice Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status.

Many people toss around the word “love” like salt from a salt-shaker. But the real thing is not that frivolous. Anyone who doesn’t still love someone they ever claimed to have loved probably never really loved the person anyway. At the same time, you can always love someone without being ‘in love’ with them. There’s a difference! Personally, I will always love the few gems who I have ever cared deeply for, or even been in love with. But the truest form of that love means sincerely caring for their ultimate well-being and happiness. Heck, sometimes, you even cheer them on when they find someone else with whom they can share mutual joy if you two weren’t meant to be.

Have you ever felt that type of love?

If you tell someone you love them today, Valentine’s Day, make sure you mean it – forever!

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One response to “Love Notes on Valentine’s Day: When “I Love You” Means I Will Always Love You.

  1. Good stuff to keep in mind. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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